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Services and History

RAMOS began from the personal endeavours of soothing headaches, tight shoulders, and backaches within the extended family of fathers, mothers, siblings, uncles, aunt's, and cousins. This endeavour shifted to a pursuit of an educational and practical understanding of holistic health. This expanded the circle of practical therapeutics from endeavours on the family to a circle of friends and clients with medical conditions. People with frozen shoulders, vertigo scoliosis, tennis elbow and bunions found relief with results that were tangible and unbelievably long-lasting.

RAMOS has become a last resort for those who have found other treatments to be ineffective for them and have lost hope. Results are slow, steady, and progressive. Optimised results require active engagement of the client.

The modalities used at RAMOS are simple and natural, and are imbued with the belief of energetic healing.

We are selective of whom we hire and for which modality in upholding our energetic practice of positivity, strength and natural ability.

We also understand that not all clients or endeavours are a good fit and we will with goodwill and sincerity, not let you further waste time or money with us.

Do not live in Pain!

Our team is there to help you. Live healthy and live pain-free.