Session Plans for Chronic Medical Conditions

At RAMOS the wellness treatment plans span across four stages. Each stage is important for effective and long-term results for chronic conditions.

First stage -Preliminary Sessions: These sessions take place back to back. One after the other. Usually, the first 2-4 preliminary sessions will be intense with heavy acupressure applications if suitable to the client's body. This will lead to the client feeling exhausted, tired, and inflamed the first week. The reason for this is that the acupressure releases toxins trapped in myofascia and muscle tissue. Do ensure that during the Preliminary sessions, the client gets appropriate and restful nighttime sleep. The aim will be to ease the muscles so as to be able to manipulate them to create an effective release of the targeted acupressure points and muscle tissue relaxation. area. The next 3-6 preliminary sessions are usually the most painful as heavy pressure will be applied so as to create a sense of ease.

Second Stage -Integrated Sessions: these sessions will take place 3 times a week. The aim of the Integrated sessions will be to use different modules to create a deeper and more long-term sense of relief. And will incorporate wellness modules as per the medical condition.

Third Stage - Strengthening Sessions: These sessions will take place times a week. Strengthening sessions are sessions that strengthen the weakened muscles to ensure longevity of the wellness plan.

Fourth Stage- Reinforcement Sessions: are light sessions which are locking in the effects of the wellness

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset
four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

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